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I'm building a map of emoji unified unicode characters to their common names. I have strings representing each emoji, in UTF16 format. For example, the string "00A9" represents the copyright symbol. I need to convert that into a utf8 rune, so I can compare it to input I receive from the user, but I haven't found the right incantation of the hex/utf16/utf8 packages to do so.

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我正在构建一个表情符号统一unicode字符到其通用名称的映射。 我有代表UTF16格式的每个表情符号的字符串。 例如,字符串“ 00A9”代表版权符号。 我需要将其转换为utf8符文,以便可以将其与从用户处收到的输入进行比较,但是我没有找到正确的hex / utf16 / utf8软件包来实现。</ p> </ DIV>

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