2018-08-04 09:32



I tried to get the SQL statement in the log file through the regular expression of golang, but there were some problems with the matching results. If the SQL did not break lines in the code, the correct result could be obtained, but if it was long and divided into multiple lines in the code, my SQL could only be part of the first line。my expectation is to get two full SQL Below are my code and some sample logs

package main

import (

func main() {
    file, err := os.OpenFile("/home/gopath/src/log.txt", os.O_RDWR, 0766)
    if err != nil {
    res, err := ioutil.ReadAll(file)
    reg := regexp.MustCompile(`\[ORM\].*`)
    str := reg.FindAllStringSubmatch(string(res), -1)

[ORM]2018/08/03 10:23:50 -[Queries/read] - [ OK / db.Query / 432.4ms] - [SELECT acc.*,gp.group_name,gp.group_id,org.org_name,group_concat(r.role_name) role_name FROM sys_account acc LEFT JOIN sys_org org on org.org_id=acc.org_id LEFT JOIN sys_group gp on gp.group_id=org.group_id LEFT JOIN sys_account_role ar on ar.acct_id=acc.acct_id and ar.is_del=0 LEFT JOIN sys_role r on r.role_id=ar.role_id where 1=1 and acc.acct_type=1 group by acc.acct_id order by acc.create_time desc LIMIT 0, 15] nsq consumer2: INF 13 [RYOLST_Ch_admin/crm] ( received CLOSE_WAIT from nsqd nsq consumer2: INF 13 [RYOLST_Ch_admin/crm] ( beginning close nsq consumer2: INF 13 [RYOLST_Ch_admin/crm] ( readLoop exiting nsq consumer2: INF 13 [RYOLST_Ch_admin/crm] ( breaking out of writeLoop nsq consumer2: INF 13 [RYOLST_Ch_admin/crm] ( writeLoop exiting [ORM]2018/08/03 10:23:50 -[Queries/default] - [ OK / db.Query / 0.6ms] - [select * from sys_group where group_id=? ] - 1

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  • dongxiang3205 dongxiang3205 3年前

    Try this pattern: \[ORM\][\w\W]+?\wms\][ -]+\[([\w\W]+?)\].


    \[ORM\] - match [ORM],

    [\w\W]+?\wms - match any character (inlucding ) until \wms is found (\w is a word character, can be digit as well) - non greedy, so it stops at first occurence of \wms, so it won't capture until the second SQL log.

    ([\w\W]+?)\] - capturing group, that will contain full SQL statement, again non-greedy search for any character, similairly as above.


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