2018-02-16 16:37
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Golang neo4j MERGE需要文字映射

In my go application, I'm trying to execute a MERGE query, using the golang-neo4j-bolt-driver.

The interface of the ExecNeo and ExecPipeline requires a string map with interface object as a parameter. When executing the query, I get the error message that a literal map is required:

Internal Error(messages.FailureMessage): messages.FailureMessage{Metadata:map[string]interface {}{"code":"Neo.ClientError.Statement.SyntaxError", "message":"Parameter maps cannot be used in MERGE patterns (use a literal map instead`).

Does anyone have an example of creating an literal map?

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在我的go应用程序中,我正在尝试使用 golang-neo4j-bolt-driver

ExecNeo ExecPipeline 需要使用接口对象作为参数的字符串映射。 执行查询时,出现错误消息,要求提供文字映射

内部错误(messages.FailureMessage):消息。 FailureMessage {Metadata:map [string] interface {} {“ code”:“ Neo.ClientError.Statement.SyntaxError”,“ message”:“参数映射不能用于MERGE模式(改用文字映射)。


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