2019-08-23 10:08
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I'm doing some research on Kademlia based decentralized networks. After bootstrapping a new node, instead of broadcasting messages to the nearest nodes, can a message be sent to a specific node identified by its ID? (Even if that means to relay the message to multiple peers before reaching the destination).

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我正在研究基于Kademlia的分散式网络。 自举新节点后,是否可以将消息发送到由其ID标识的特定节点,而不是向最近的节点广播消息? (即使这意味着在到达目的地之前将消息中继给多个对等方。)

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  • doudou1309
    doudou1309 2019-08-23 19:03

    Kademlia is an abstract routing algorithm combined with a set of operations required to build a distributed hash table. The concept of broadcasts does not exist in kademlia-as-algorithm.

    But concrete implementations can add features on top of this foundation. Since kademlia provides the iterative find_node procedure (there's no forwarding!) you can locate a node and then exchange any number and type of additional messages for which they have mutual support.

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