2016-11-15 13:14
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Elasticsearch CreateIndex()参数不足

I am trying to use Elasticsearch for GO with this well-known repo

However, when I am trying to create an index (docs, and also given as an example here):

    // Define an elastic client 
    client, err := elastic.NewClient(elastic.SetURL("host1"))
    if err != nil {
        client, err := elastic.NewClient(elastic.SetURL("host2"))
        if err != nil {
            fmt.Println("Error when connecting Elasticsearch host");    

    // Create an index
    _, err = client.CreateIndex("events").Do()
    if err != nil {
        fmt.Println("Error when creating Elasticsearch index"); 

I got the following error, which I do not understand:

not enough arguments in call to client.CreateIndex("events").Do

Why is that? What do I miss here?

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我正在尝试将Elasticsearch for GO与该著名的存储库

但是,当我尝试创建 index 文档,并以此处):

客户端,err:= elastic  .NewClient(elastic.SetURL(“ host1”))
客户端,错误:= elastic.NewClient(elastic.SetURL(“ host2”)))
 _,err = client.CreateIndex(“ events”)。Do()
 if err!= nil {
 fmt.Println(“ 创建Elasticsearch索引”);  


\ n

调用client.CreateIndex(“ events”)时参数不足。

为什么? 我在这里想念什么?

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  • douyanzhou1450 2016-11-15 13:22

    The IndicesCreateService.Do() function expects a context.Context to be passed.

    So, you need to import "" and then change your call to this:

    import (
        ... your other imports...    
    _, err := client.CreateIndex("events").Do(context.TODO())
                                                 add this

    You can also check the indices_create_test.go test case in order to see how it's done.

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