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Never tried Go before and currently doing a small project. One of the task is to get current system time and represent it in YYYY-MM-DDT00:00:00Z format. I believe that Z means that time is represented in UTC format but when i looked into db, all timestamps are like this i.e., 2011-11-22T15:22:10Z.

So how can i format like this in Go?

Update I was able to format it using following code

t := time.Now()

Now the question remains, what Z signifies here. Should i get UTC Time?

Another question, it looks like that the value i am using to format impacts the output i.e., when i used 2019-01-02T15:04:05Z the output became 2029-02-02T20:45:11Z, why?

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  • douci1918 2019-02-03 01:52

    Go provides very flexible way to parse the time by example. For this, you have to write the "reference" time in the format of your choice. The reference time is Mon Jan 2 15:04:05 MST 2006. In my case, I used this reference time to parse the Now():

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