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I did a modal with a login form and the submit through a POST AJAX request. I only can login one time, when I logout and try to login again the error message of AJAX request is this (CSRF failed):

Prohibido (403)
Verificación CSRF fallida. Solicitud abortada

The login only works again if I refresh the whole page pressing F5. After the success on the login I refresh only the header, not the whole page. My refresh code is this:

$('#update-' + idToUpdate).load(' #' + idToUpdate);

EDIT: I discovered that the CSRF token only works one time after a success request. I have to generate a new token for the form to work again, and this token only get update if I refresh the whole page pressing F5, and that is just what I do not want to do.

Any solution for this problem? I would not like to do AJAX requests to update the CSRF token, that is not secure.

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  • weixin_33709609 2017-08-20 14:37

    I found a solution. Insert all the ids of the forms with the CSRF token in my function $('#update-' + idToUpdate).load(' #' + idToUpdate); after the success request. This do a partial async F5 refresh of the forms, so all the CSRF tokens get update and I can do new requests.




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