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I am trying to redirect from javascript autocomplete search bar element.

Search field works perfectly except one thing. if i was in www.example.com/foo then click a data from search bar. Its redirects me to kinda this pages: the www.example.com/news/1

When i try searchbar again. And click products data from search bar. Its redirect me to the www.example.com/news/products/1

But i want to www.example.com/products/1

"/news" must go away.

if(window.location.pathname.split("/")[1] === "news"){

window.location.hostname.href ="?tab=" +ui.item.category_id+"&id="+ui.item.id;

window.location.href ="products?tab=" +ui.item.category_id+"&id="+ui.item.id;


didn't worked for me? How can i use clean link then add like "/products/ui.item.id"

my brief is i can't redirect (href) clean route.

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  • weixin_33739541 2018-05-08 09:09

    You can use document.location.origin for this It will give you base url of page.

      window.location.href = window.document.location.origin + "products?tab=" + ui.item.category_id + "&id=" + ui.item.id;



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