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I am currently working to create test samples for an in-house Java web site using Jmeter for performance testing.

After creating / recording some scripts and re-running them, I found that some scripts are failing (not HTTP failures, the response code was 200 so it was a successful HTTP Response, but looks like server side failures) with an error "Unexpected error occurred, Page is closed". I could not figure out exact reason even after enabling high traces for this application.

I found that this web site is using lot of AJAX Requests for every sample I have collected (or most of them) and they are all recorded with samples ending with ".js". After doing a lot of google search about this issue with Jmeter, I found that Jmeter does not run Javascripts as this is not a browser.

Fair enough, went through some more details and read many solutions that talk about using Selenium web driver to run java scripts and can be used with jmeter to tackle this issue. But none of them talks about exact implementation of webdriver for running javascripts (or Ajax scripts) and having Jmeter running HTTPS Samples.

My Question is two fold:

1) How else I could debug my Jmeter scripts to confirm these errors are caused by Ajax scripts and nothing else and if not Ajax issues, what else is causing this "page closed error"

2) and how do I run web driver for Java scripts and JMeter running http samples in the same test scripts?

Any help or pointers towards a related document is really appreciated. Currently I am completely stuck and don't have any solutions that I could find reading through manuals.

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