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Lining Up

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"How am I ever going to solve this problem?" said the pilot.

Indeed, the pilot was not facing an easy task. She had to drop packages at specific points scattered in a dangerous area. Furthermore, the pilot could only fly over the area once in a straight line, and she had to fly over as many points as possible. All points were given by means of integer coordinates in a two-dimensional space. The pilot wanted to know the largest number of points from the given set that all lie on one line. Can you write a program that calculates this number?

Your program has to be efficient!

Input consist several case,First line of the each case is an integer N ( 1 < N < 700 ),then follow N pairs of integers. Each pair of integers is separated by one blank and ended by a new-line character. The input ended by N=0.

output one integer for each input case ,representing the largest number of points that all lie on one line.
Sample Input

1 1
2 2
3 3
9 10
10 11
Sample Output


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