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Linux中 链接器 ld 命令的全称是什么英文单词?

Linux中 链接器 ld 命令的全称是什么英文单词?请大牛帮忙解答一下哈

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  • sinat_15955423
    锅巴胸 2019-03-12 10:00

    GNU linker (or GNU ld) is the GNU Project's implementation of the Unix command ld. GNU ld runs the linker, which creates an executable file (or a library) from object files created during compilation of a software project. A linker script may be passed to GNU ld to exercise greater control over the linking process.[1] The GNU linker is part of the GNU Binary Utilities (binutils).

    Possible origins of the name "ld" are "LoaD" and "Link eDitor".[2]
    最后一句说ld命令的源可能是Load或者Link eDitor

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