2013-11-20 11:49
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Lately I've encountered this library, I looks very promising, and I understand that it's widely used and supports all kinds of neat features such as asynchronous loading on languages JSONs, using local storage, etc etc.

One thing that is quite trivial though, is string formatting \ passing parameters to the translate filter, doesn't seem to be supported: for instance: 'You have successfully singed in with %S'

A certain param filter, such as:

$translateProvider.translations('en', {
AUTH_SUCCESS : '%s, You have successfully singed in with %s'


<span>{{AUTH_MESSAGE | translate : [$, $]}}<span>

Is there anything that can serve that kind of purpose in this library?

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但有一点非常简单,就是字符串格式化\传递参数到翻译过滤器,似乎不受支持: 例如:'你已经成功地使用了%S'


  $ translateProvider.translations('en',{
AUTH_SUCCESS:'%s, 您已成功使用%s'


 &lt; span&gt; {  {AUTH_MESSAGE |翻译:[$,$]}}&lt; span&gt; 

是否有任何可以用于此类目的的内容 这个库?

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  • dtv8189
    dtv8189 2014-01-17 08:37

    Well, it is documented in the main docs, you just have to take a look at the main docs

        'AUTH_SUCCESS' : '{{ name }}, You have successfully singed in with {{ network }}'


    <span>{{AUTH_MESSAGE | translate : '{name : $, network : $}' }}</span>

    Check out this one:

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  • dongshi3361
    dongshi3361 2013-11-20 13:29

    Found the answer, apparently they have a wide support for this feature, just not documented at the main docs \

    Here is the answer

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