2011-08-25 05:32
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Is Phalanger php compiler stable enough for production environment? Does it need some extra server requirements (Web Host)? Can it be deployed using only .dll files?

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Phalanger php编译器对于生产环境是否足够稳定? 是否需要一些额外的服务器要求(Web Host)? 是否可以仅使用.dll文件进行部署?

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  • duanbo6871 2011-08-26 00:06

    Phalanger is used in many commercial projects already. It is marked as beta only because it does not implement several PHP 5.4 functions yet.

    It can be deployed standalone without a need of installing: Installation-Free Phalanger web

    To ensure your environment is optimized to work smoothly with Phalanger, I would recommend to take a look on support page

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