2014-12-13 23:55
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无法安装Phalanger 4.0

I was already using Phalanger 3.0 via command line. I want to update version and also use in Visual Studio, now I'm trying to install version 4.0.

I have VS Express 2013 for Desktop, However...

enter image description here

Cannot choose any items... Isn't it suported with this edition?

enter image description here

Command line tool that existed in version 3.0 has gone in version 4.0...

enter image description here

So, the question is

  1. How can I install Phalanger 4.0 in Visual Studio?
  2. How can I use Phalanger 4.0 via command line?

Thank you.

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我已经通过命令行使用了Phalanger 3.0。 我想更新版本并在Visual Studio中使用,现在我正在尝试安装4.0版。

我有 VS Express 2013 for Desktop ,但是......




  1. 如何在Visual中安装Phalanger 4.0 Studio?
  2. 如何通过命令行使用Phalanger 4.0?

    谢谢 你。

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  • duanbiao4025 2014-12-14 19:00

    Visual Studio Express is not extensible. You can use free VS Community instead or any other but Express.

    As I know there is no installer containing phpc.exe since the installer is only intented for VS IDE. You can however compile Phalanger from sources to get phpc.exe.

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