2015-06-13 02:00
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Laravel 5.1工作和听众

So Laravel 5.1 changes the folders Commands to Jobs and Handlers to Listeners. What I'm a bit confused about is that the Listeners folder now only handles Events and not Jobs. Are all Jobs self-handling in 5.1? Or should i create a Handlers folder and handle the jobs in there?

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因此,Laravel 5.1将文件夹命令更改为作业,将处理程序更改为Listeners < /代码>。 我有点困惑的是,Listeners文件夹现在只处理事件而不是Jobs。 所有乔布斯都在5.1中进行自我处理吗? 或者我应该创建一个Handlers文件夹并处理那里的作业?

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  • dsztc99732 2015-06-15 06:25

    For now, Jobs are self-handling. They are like Commands and implement the SelfHandling interface. The change is basically just a folder rename so people do not confuse it with other commands (e.g console commands). Try to think of a Job like a Command, since a command is actually performing a job.

    Or still, you can create the app/Commands and app/Handlers directory and continue using commands as you are used to. Jobs and Commands are just different ways to do the same thing.

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