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微软 DevOps 应用

An export-based startup is trying to move to the cloud. They have selected Microsoft Azure cloud for their cloud service provider. They have an on-premises database that they would like to move to Azure cloud. They have already downloaded the data in the form of a .csv file. This file is available in the wiki section of Azure DevOps. The cloud database they want to use is SQL Database on Azure. They would like all their offline data in the cloud database by the end of this project The database contains PII data (know more about what constitutes PII data here) which means we need to handle the data carefully. Remember, for the purpose of this project the data that we are using is fake however in real-life PII data is governed by regulations. The customer is open to ideas (I’m the customer, so you can discuss with me the options) however they want to use Azure Data Factory to transfer the data from .csv file to the cloud database. A single data pipeline is enough as far as the customer is concerned. This pipeline can be run manually (no automation required).
Sprint 1 is already complete. The task was to sign up for Azure DevOps which you did in Week one.
Define formal requirements from the description above. If you have any questions, you can send me an email. This would be requirement gathering and this the task for Sprint 2. Once you are sure about the requirements, you will put them down in a document (1 page max) formally in Sprint 3. In Sprint 4 & 5, you will implement the solution using your student Subscription of Microsoft Azure. During Sprint 5 you will also present your solution using a Zoom meeting.
Azure DevOps:
Go to Azure DevOps à Boards à Sprints. Here you will see all the tasks that need to be performed. You have already been assigned to the task however its status is not set. Once you start working on a task, change its status to “Doing” and once you are done, change its status to “Done”. These tasks are placed in sprints. Each sprint lasts for a week and task must be completed within the week.


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