2013-08-09 02:31
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I'm a pretty new PHP programmer, and as I was trying to call the PHP http_redirect() function, this error came up:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function http_redirect() in D:\xampp1.8.3\htdocs\Bank\create.php on line 28

I called it just like they did in the examples on the php site like this:

http_redirect("show.php", array("status" => "new"), true, HTTP_REDIRECT_PERM);

I'm more familiar with header(), but I don't know how to send in an something similar to http_redirect()'s params (the array()). I've tried doing header("Location: show.php?status=new") but that doesn't work for me.

Could somebody help with this? Thanks.

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我是一个非常新的PHP程序员,因为我试图调用PHP http_redirect() </ code>函数,出现此错误:</ p>

致命错误:</ strong>在 D中调用未定义函数http_redirect(): \ xampp1.8.3 \ htdocs \ Bank \ create.php </ strong>在线 28 </ strong> </ p> </ blockquote>

我打电话就像他们做的那样 在 php网站上的示例中,如下所示:</ p >

 </ code> </ pre> 
 \  n 

我更熟悉 header()</ code>,但我不知道如何发送类似于 http_redirect()</ code>的params( <代码>阵列()</代码>)。 我已经尝试过 header(“Location:show.php?status = new”)</ code>但这对我不起作用。</ p>

有人可以提供帮助 这个? 谢谢。</ p> </ div>

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