duan0714 2013-08-09 02:31
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I'm a pretty new PHP programmer, and as I was trying to call the PHP http_redirect() function, this error came up:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function http_redirect() in D:\xampp1.8.3\htdocs\Bank\create.php on line 28

I called it just like they did in the examples on the php site like this:

http_redirect("show.php", array("status" => "new"), true, HTTP_REDIRECT_PERM);

I'm more familiar with header(), but I don't know how to send in an something similar to http_redirect()'s params (the array()). I've tried doing header("Location: show.php?status=new") but that doesn't work for me.

Could somebody help with this? Thanks.

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  • doutangu4978 2013-09-30 08:17

    http_redirect is also sending the same headers for location like you tried, so you don't really need http_redirect

    1. Your error is http_redirect does not exist, so I think you don't have pecl_http installed like @vinodadhikary said
    2. If header("Location ...") is not working maybe your headers are already sent (you can check this with the function headers_sent

      • Example: if(!headers_sent()) header("Location http://YOURDOMAIN.abc/target.html");
    3. It is suggested to use absolute URLs for location header

    4. In a comment on php.net, Chrome doesn't perform a Location: instruction unless it gets a Status: first
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