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I am using PHP's password_hash() to store some of my passwords and I want to echo and get the stored hash from my database. However, when I try to I keep getting errors because certain characters aren't escaped. Now the hashing, as it is random, I need a way to just get the raw data from the database without PHP sending me errors when I just want to echo out a simple line like:

echo "$2y$10$LYTZuvb7Ff2NeqxLjkp3KeZQmBrq3iaZ4eeY/cuUqz2nGA6wYgENq";
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    drpkcwwav20524605 drpkcwwav20524605 2018-01-28 13:57

    Given what you posted for code and if I am getting what you're asking is that you need to encase the echo'd line in single quotes.

    echo '$2y$10$LYTZuvb7Ff2NeqxLjkp3KeZQmBrq3iaZ4eeY/cuUqz2nGA6wYgENq';

    Why? Because, the $ signs are interpreted as variable assignments in doubled quotes and PHP is trying to parse them as such.

    It may even throw undefined variables notices.

    You can also var_dump() the said row/variable or echo the row from the query.

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