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I have an simple php view which looks like this:

header('Content-Type: image/png');

In this example $this->image is for example /data/pictures/thumbs/x/xyz.png.

On an Index HTML I load about 20 products and display their product image with the code above:

<img src="views/showimage.php?id=100"/>

When I now load the index page with the products, it tooks a short time to load every thumbnail image of the product. If I wait until loading is completed, I can click on each other button on the page and it loads the clicked content. If I dont wait until the page /images are beeing loaded, I can click on each other button and the browser will run into a timeout. After this I have to clean my cookies and can do it again.


I figured out, that its possible to load the page for 2 times, even though I dont let him complete loading. On the third load, and clicking on navigation before page loads completed, it rans into timeout...

This is not an browser problem!

Whos having any idea? PHP Log is empty.

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