顺利过渡从php到asp.net c#[关闭]

我想知道是否有人有关于从PHP转换到asp.net c#的任何提示? 我已经用PHP开发了7年,我对学习asp.net很感兴趣。 但是,我对迄今为止我读过的书籍感到很失望。 似乎每个asp.net书都有很多例子,点击这里并拖动这里然后点击这个等等......我好像迷路了。 学习C#语言并不错......我想我在IDE或.NET框架中迷失了方向。 任何提示将不胜感激。</ p>

谢谢!</ p>
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I was wondering if anyone has any tips on transitioning from PHP to asp.net c#? I've been developing in PHP for 7 years and I'm interested in learning asp.net. However, I've been disappointed with the books that I've read so far. Seems like every asp.net book has so many examples of clicking here and dragging here and right click on this, etc... that I seem to get lost. Learning the C# language isn't bad...I think I'm getting lost in either the IDE or the .NET framework. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


douhuiyan2772 如果你对“如何工作”方面感兴趣,或者对如何有效使用.Net语言的微妙之处,我强烈推荐AndrewTroelsen的“ProC#”:amazon.com/dp/1430225491
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dongliang2058 不幸的是,它主要是关于使用MSVSGUI(而不是学习ASP.Net语法)(或者,天堂禁止,正确地学习所有自动生成的代码实际上在做什么)。
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我建议你看一下asp.net/mvc,而不是webforms - 这将是一个更自然的迁移。</ p>

好资源是官方网站: http://asp.net/mvc - 它 有教程,视频等。</ p>

.NET基类库(BCL)非常</ em>大。 这是您在大多数时间(在您自己的代码之外)进行交互的内容。 我可以给出的唯一建议 - 在MSDN上查看。 它有非常好的文档,值得您花时间阅读它。</ p>

对于Visual Studio - VS提示和技巧博客是一个非常好的资源来了解它。</ p>
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I suggest you look at asp.net/mvc, not webforms - it will be a more natural migration.

The good resource is the official site: http://asp.net/mvc - it has tutorials, videos and more.

The .NET base class library (BCL) is very large. It is what you will interact with most of the time (outside of your own code). The only advice I can give - look things up on MSDN. It has very good documentation and it is worth taking your time reading through it.

For Visual Studio - the VS tips and tricks blog is a really good resource to learn about it.

dsieyx2015 - 很棒的建议!
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dongyin8009 感谢您提供的精彩信息。 我现在正在调查mvc ...我不知道为什么我没有从那里开始,因为我在编码php时使用了这种设计模式。 哦,生活和学习 :)
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来自PHP,你可能不需要学习(我很长一段时间都是一名经典的ASP程序员并且跳到了 大约七年前的.NET。)</ p>

微软有一堆免费教程,W3Schools网站也是如此。 我在开始时发现Macon State教程非常有用:</ p>

http://www.maconstateit.net/tutorials/aspnet20/default.htm </ p>

Microsoft考试准备书非常简单,主要是 处理代码而不是拖放。 </ p>
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Coming from PHP there's probably less you need to un-learn (I was a classic ASP programmer for a long time and made the jump to .NET about seven years ago).

Microsoft has a bunch of free tutorials, as does the W3Schools site. I found the Macon State tutorials to be extremely helpful when I was starting out:


The Microsoft exam prep books are pretty straightforward, too, mostly dealing with code instead of drag-and-drop.

duanganleng0577 w3schools并不完美,但它仍然是一个很好的资源。 它的批评者(尤其是保罗爱尔兰人)将我视为自我重要的法西斯主义者。 知识渊博,但仍然过于自以为是,傲慢自大。 那种“黑客人群的谈话电台”;)
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dongwei1263 请不要推荐w3schools - 请看:w3fools.com
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当我第一次接触它时,我对.NET / Visual Studio环境的感觉完全相同。</ p>

如果你没有参与所有的GUI工作,我会从Microsoft Press推荐George Shepherd的ASP.NET 4 Step by Step。</ p>

我在3.5版本上学习了ASP.NET基础知识 这本书,我喜欢它。 他真的从坚果和螺栓开始(打开一个telnet窗口,并直接与HTTP服务器交互),我认为这将吸引大多数* NIX老兵。 他的方法让我很好地理解了ASP.NET中所有复杂的控件实际上在做什么,这有助于增加我对平台的理解。</ p>

http://www.amazon.com/Microsoft-ASP-NET-Step/dp/0735627010/ref= sr_1_5?s = books&amp; ie = UTF8&amp; qid = 1325190956&amp; sr = 1-5 </ p>
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I felt the exact same way about the .NET / Visual Studio environment when I first approached it.

If you're not into all the GUI stuff I would recommend George Shepherd's ASP.NET 4 Step by Step from Microsoft Press.

I learned ASP.NET basics on the 3.5 version of this book and I loved it. He really starts with the nuts and bolts stuff (open a telnet window and interact directly with the HTTP server for example) that I think would appeal to most *NIX veterans. His approach gave me a good feel for what all the complicated controls in ASP.NET are really doing under the hood, which was instrumental in growing my understanding of the platform.


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