2015-08-07 14:18
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I'm using this code to get an array from a csv file:

array_map('str_getcsv', 'file.csv')

But how do I set delimeter for str_getcsv() when using it in array_map function?

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我正在使用此代码从csv文件中获取数组: < pre> array_map('str_getcsv','file.csv')

但是如何为 str_getcsv()在array_map函数中使用它时?

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  • dtz8044 2015-08-07 14:23

    If you need to attach additional parameters to a function that requires a callable the easiest way it to just pass in a wrapper function with your parameters pre-defined

    $array = array_map(function($d) {
        return str_getcsv($d, "\t");
    }, file("file.csv"));

    Alternatively you can pass in parameters using the use() syntax with the closure.

    $delimiter = "|";
    $array = array_map(function($d) use ($delimiter) {
        return str_getcsv($d, $delimiter);
    }, file("file.csv"));

    Another fun thing that can be done with this technique is create a function that returns functions with predefined values built in.

    function getDelimitedStringParser($delimiter, $enclosure, $escapeChar){
        return function ($str) use ($delimiter, $enclosure, $escapeChar) {
            return str_getcsv($str, $delimiter, $enclosure, $escapeChar);
    $fileData = array_map("trim", file("myfile.csv"));
    $csv = array_map(getDelimitedStringParser(",", '"', "\\"), $fileData);
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