2017-03-25 21:37
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I have made a mistake by storing the date as VARCHAR in the database and here it looks like 02/12/2018 and I have created a variable using carbon to get the current date +14 days.

$current_date_plus_14 = Carbon::now() -> addDay(14) -> format('d/m/Y');

Problem is

I am trying to compare this date 02/12/2018 which is in the database and stores as VARCHAR to the date that I have generated using Carbon which is 09/04/2017.

Eloquent Code

$gquery = Client::where('required_date', '>=', $current_date_plus_14) -> get();

What I get

It doesn't get any results because it compare only the day in the required_date and the day in the carbon date.

While it should return value because the there is more than 1 year difference?

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我在数据库中将日期存储为VARCHAR时犯了一个错误,这里看起来像 02 / 12/2018 我创建了一个使用碳的变量来获取当前日期 +14天

$ current_date_plus_14 = Carbon: :now() - > addDay(14) - > 格式('d / m / Y');


我正在尝试 比较这个日期 02/12/2018 ,它在数据库中并存储为VARCHAR到我使用Carbon生成的日期 09/04/2017

Eloquent Code

$ gquery = Client :: where('required_date','> =', $ current_date_plus_14) - > get();


它没有得到任何结果,因为它比较 只有 required_date 中的日期和碳日期中的日期。

虽然它应该返回值,因为它超过了 1年的差异?

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  • doushi6932 2017-03-25 21:44

    Try this function that converts date as String (May work with varchar) to a real date

    private function convertDateString($date)
        if (is_string($date)) {
            $date = Carbon::parse($date,new DateTimeZone('YOUR_DATE_TIME_ZONE'));
        return $date;
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