2014-02-01 04:30
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For my database query I have to use multiple where clause query in Codeigniter PHP. I wrote the code like this:


But this query shows database query error in browser. Then I wrote this query:


But it still give error. Can anyone help me to solve this? Thanks in advance.

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对于我的数据库查询,我必须在Codeigniter PHP中使用多个where子句查询。 我写了这样的代码:

  $ this-> db-> and_where_in('category_name,publication_status','home_headline_sub',1); 

但此查询显示浏览器中的数据库查询错误。 然后我写了这个查询:

  $ this-> db-> where('category_name,publication_status','home_headline_sub',1); 

但它仍然会出错。 任何人都可以帮我解决这个问题吗? 提前致谢。

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  • doupin2013 2014-02-01 04:36

    You can chain database clauses, so you would write it as


    This would generate a query's WHERE clause as

    // WHERE category_name = 'case' AND publication_status = 'case' AND home_headline_sub = 'case'

    Documentation here:

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