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在Laravel的两个模型中使用单一方法; OOP PHP

I have 4 models held together by 4 pivot tables:

User, Company, Phone, Address

The User and Company are both tied together to Phone with the pivot tables user_phone and company_phone.

User has a method: addDefaultPhone( Request $request ). It grabs $request->input() and creates a phone number and attaches it to the User.

The same exact method can be used in the Company class. How can I include addDefaultAddress to both classes (without copying and pasting of course)?

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用户, 公司,电话,地址


用户有一个方法: addDefaultPhone(Request $ request)。 它抓取 $ request-> input()并创建一个电话号码并将其附加到用户。

公司可以使用相同的方法 类。 如何将addDefaultAddress包含在这两个类中(当然不复制和粘贴)?

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