2016-11-02 04:34
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I'm developing a custom Prestashop Module. The requirement is simple: Add a predefined block of javascript code to specific sections of the shopping process. Those are:

  • Home page
  • Product page
  • Product added to cart
  • Purchase completed

The code will be specific to each page.

I already read the basics of module development, but I can't find documentation for this specific functionality.

I already have a working module that is installable and configurable from the back office admin. I'm assuming I need to extend the footer and check the page currently being served, but I have no idea how to do this.

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我正在开发一个自定义的Prestashop模块。 要求很简单:将预定义的javascript代码块添加到购物流程的特定部分。 这些是:</ p>

  • 主页</ li>
  • 产品页面</ li>
  • 产品已添加到购物车</ li> \ n
  • 购买已完成</ li> </ ul>

    代码将特定于每个页面。</ p>

    我已经阅读了模块的基础知识 开发,但我找不到这个特定功能的文档。 </ p>

    我已经有一个可以从后台管理员安装和配置的工作模块。 我假设我需要扩展页脚并检查当前正在提供的页面,但我不知道如何执行此操作。</ p> </ div>

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