2011-08-28 11:28
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PHP和Codeigniter。 如何返回数组对象而不是普通数组?

In Codeigniter I am creating an array and returning it to the user. I am creating the array like this (result is the return form a DB query):

array("email" => $result)

Right now it outputs:

"email": [
        "id": "629",
        "desc": "0000",
        "value_1": "0000",
        "value_2": null,
        "value_3": null,
        "value_4": null,
        "privacy": "0"

So $result is an array that contains a single object. How can I make $result contain just the object instead? Like this:

"email": {
    "id": "628",
    "desc": "THIS IS IT",
    "value_1": "THIS IS IT2",
    "value_2": null,
    "value_3": null,
    "value_4": null,
    "privacy": "0"

Thankful for all input!

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在Codeigniter中我正在创建一个数组并将其返回给用户。 我正在创建这样的数组(结果是数据库查询的返回形式):

  array(“email”=> $ result)
  <  / pre> 


“  desc“:”0000“,

所以 $ result 是一个包含单个对象的数组。 如何让 $ result 只包含该对象? 像这样:

“value_1”:  “这是IT2”,


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  • douba1904 2011-08-28 11:32

    Just use:

    array("email" => $result->row());

    See the CI documentation on queries and row():

    This function returns a single result row. If your query has more than one row, it returns only the first row. The result is returned as an object.

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