2017-09-14 19:12
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I am running a python script from my php:


$command = escapeshellcmd('<path>/');
$output = shell_exec($command);
echo $output;

Now I am in the need to pass a bidimensional array of strings from the python script to the php page, but I am quite stuck. Of course, $output will contain a single string of the whole array. I also thought about json, but in that case I should convert the python array into a json string (this could be another question)....

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 $ command = escapeshellcmd('&lt; path&gt; /'); 
 $ output = shell_exec($ command); 
echo $ output; 

现在我需要将python脚本中的二维字符串数组传递给php页面,但我很困惑。 当然, $ output 将包含整个数组的单个字符串。 我也考虑过json,但在这种情况下我应该将python数组转换为json字符串(这可能是另一个问题)....

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