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I have a file with urls to websites:

$var1 =
$var2 =

And now I want to use these variables in text in posts, for example:

any text <a href="<?php $var1 ?>">my sample link</a>

I cannot use wordpress plugins to insert php in post. How can I include file with my variables to wordpress and then use these variables in text ?

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  • dongzhabo2796 2016-09-13 16:26

    You may need to look at using shortcodes, for example in your themes functions.php file you can do this:

    add_shortcode('var1', function($atts) {
       return '';
    add_shortcode('var2', function($atts) {
       return '';

    Then in your text view you can do the below:

    any text <a href="[var1]">my sample link</a>

    Alternatively, you could setup one shortcode for all links and pass in a parameter to the shortcode which could be done like so:

    add_shortcode('link', function($atts) {
          case 1: return ''; break;
          case 2: return ''; break;
          default: return '';

    And include in your pages like so:

    any text <a href="[link type='2']">my sample link</a>
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