2018-10-31 12:48
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Laravel Artisan _命令重新启动并在20分钟后停止

I have a question about the "command" of the Laravel artisan.

When I execute my command (massive adding data to a database with long processing processes), it stops after about twenty minutes without being finished.

Moreover, after about twenty insertions, the command restarts itself without being finished and restarts the process of adding data (it is variable, sometimes after 15 records).

To be clear, when executing the command, I don't do a cron like "->everyminute()'.

Do you have an idea to solve this problem? Is it a memory, timeout, cron or synchronicity problem ?

Thank you to you Have a good day

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要明确的是,在执行命令时,我不会像“ - > everyminute()”这样的cron。


谢谢你 祝你有个美好的一天

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