2017-08-22 18:58
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laravel在运行php artisan serve命令时无法打开流致命错误

i had recently installed laravel in windows through composer made a new project named project in my xamp's htdocs folder then run "php artisan serve" comand in cmd but it is giving me error "failed to open stream" here is screenshot here I ran "php artisan serve" comand error is shown in above image I also tried to search my problem on stack overflow but couldn't find any solution that can suit my problem

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我最近在windows中安装了laravel通过composer在我的xamp的htdocs文件夹中创建了一个名为project的新项目然后运行“php 工匠服务“cmd中的comand但它给我错误”无法打开流“这里是截图这里 我运行“php artisan serve”命令错误显示在上面的图像中我也试图在堆栈溢出中搜索我的问题但找不到任何适合我的问题的解决方案

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  • dongque4778 2017-08-22 19:42

    Most files are missing because you have not successfully installed Laravel.

    Go to C:\xampp\htdocs\project> and type composer update --no-scripts or composer install

    Since you are using xampp, once all the necessary files and packages are downloaded to your project you should be able to access your site through localhost without running php artisan serve by visiting


    NB:Just ensure xampp is running

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