dongpai9986 2018-06-01 09:22
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Phalcon ORM字段与同一表中的另一个字段有关

I have the following table in my mysql DB


I have a model Shipment and i am using Phalcon's ORM to interact with my DB. The master_id field in this table is actually the id of another raw, but in the same table, as you can see in the picture. The id=1 is the Master Shipment and id=2 and id=3 are Subshipments.

My model right now looks like this

class Shipment extends Model
    protected $id;
    protected $hawb;
    protected $master_id;

    public function initialize()

    //setters and getters are here

When I am using $shipment = ShipmentModel::findFirst($id); in my Controller, i can see the master_id of the Shipment.

What i want to have is, call another function from my Shipment model in order to retrieve all the SubShipments as a Collection of Shipment models, or at least an array with Shipment models.

Or even better, if the ShipmentModel::findFirst($id); could populate the SubShipments automatically (if there are any) would be the best!

I don't really know if the $this->hasMany that I have is correct over there, so if someone could show me how to proceed I would be grateful :)

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  • doulang9521 2018-06-01 10:12

    You need to provide full namespace, not just class name - to solve this Model 'Shipment' could not be loaded. Best is to add alias:

        ['alias' => 'subShipments'])

    And then just use:

    Shipment::findFirst()->getSubShipments() you can add such method if you want and do return $this->getRelated('subShipments')

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