2011-06-22 22:33
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在PHP中使用shell_exec运行'git pull'不显示错误

I'm creating a deployment script for github, written in PHP. I'm using the shell_execcommand to run git pull which works fine.

My issue occurs when there is an error with the pull. If I do it in Terminal, I get the full error. For example:

git pull origin master
Updating f706749..8468d24
test.txt: needs update
error: Entry 'test.txt' not uptodate. Cannot merge.

But when I run the same command in shell_exec the output is truncated to just

Updating f706749..8468d24
test.txt: needs update

The error message is getting cut off, possibly because it's a response from the previous response. Is there a way to return the full output?

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我正在为用github创建一个用PHP编写的部署脚本。 我正在使用 shell_exec 命令来运行 git pull ,它运行正常。

拉动时出现错误,我的问题就出现了。 如果我在终端中执行此操作,则会收到完整错误。 例如:

  git pull origin master 
error:条目'test.txt'不是uptodate。 无法合并。

但是当我在 shell_exec 中运行相同的命令时,输出被截断为


错误消息正在被切断,可能是因为它是来自 以前的回应。 有没有办法返回完整的输出?

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  • dongxuan58311366668
    dongxuan58311366668 2011-06-22 22:38

    10-1 the missing lines are not written to stdout but to stderr.

    In that case you can redirect the stderr to stdout with

    "command    2>&1"

    The 2>&1 redirects the error messages to the normal output file.

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  • doutang1856
    doutang1856 2011-06-22 22:36

    By searching a bit, I might have found the answer to your problem.

    Try capturing stderr.

    Hope this helps and good luck!

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  • dongtaotao19830418
    dongtaotao19830418 2011-06-22 22:39

    Pipe the error to your output. In the exec command use 2> which is the "standard error" stream.

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