2017-01-26 17:32
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Laravel $ request-> all()抛出'无法访问空属性'消息

I'm having a weird problem trying to validate the fields on a form with laravel. According to the documentation, in order to do so I need to do this:

Validator::make($this->$request->all(), $this->$validationRules)

But currently I'm getting this annoying message 'Cannot access empty property'.

I have tracked the error to this expression $this->$request->all(), as it seems that all() property is not defined... Weird thing cause if I do, for instance something like $this->request->input('name') I'll get the value sent by the input with name='name' correctly on my controller .

Why is that property seems to be empty? Is there anything I'm missing to create my validations properly?


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我在尝试使用laravel验证表单上的字段时遇到了一个奇怪的问题。 根据文档,为此,我需要这样做:

  Validator :: make($ this-> $ request-> all(),$ this-> $ validationRules)
 \  n 


我已经跟踪了这个表达式 $的错误 this-> $ request-> all(),因为似乎没有定义all()属性...奇怪的是,如果我这样做,例如 $ this-> request-> input('name')我将在我的控制器上正确获取name ='name'输入所发送的值。

为什么该属性 似乎是空的? 有没有什么我缺少正确创建我的验证?


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  • douzhanlie9209 2017-01-26 17:33

    Use this:


    Instead of this:


    Also, check if you're injecting Request object first:

    public function method(Request $request)
        $this->request = $request;

    Or you could just use request() global helper:

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