2010-08-06 13:40

如何从网上控制C#程序? 使用AJAX可能吗?


Can anyone explain how to send variables from the web (PHP, Javascript, etc.) to a C# program? I want to allow the web to tell the program what to do. Maybe I could use AJAX to send data to an auto-updating page, which the C# program can then read? That would also allow users to be logged-in to the page and therefore different data could be sent to each user. Could someone explain how this could be done?

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  • dongzhang6677 dongzhang6677 11年前

    You could build a webservice in .NET. The best way to do so is with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).

    Then you could write code in your javascript to make calls to the webservice.

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  • duanpi2033 duanpi2033 11年前

    You have two solutions here :

    • Build a WCF service that you'll then use by doing SOAP calls
    • Use a Socket to communicate
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  • douchengchen7959 douchengchen7959 11年前

    Well this might be tricky because of the concurrency on the calls to the C# programm.

    You could create a Webservice that is starting the C# program with the variables as arguments.

    Or you might write the variables into a table and have the C# program poll for new entries to that table. This would overcome the concurrency issue. Combined with a WebService that writes the variables into the a table - this solution is working just fine.

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  • doujiaochan7317 doujiaochan7317 11年前

    Why not just have it listen for commands on a socket?

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