2011-06-08 09:50
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I would like to test my web services (wsdl/soap/php) that is exposed to my clients. ihave test it with the browsers and it's good, but when my clients test it , they have the 400 bad request error.( they test with soapui). what are the tools that i can test my web services that it exposed to my clients ? How can i verify that my server apache responds very good to http calls ?

Thanks for your answers.

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我想测试我的网络服务(wsdl / soap / php) 暴露给我的客户。 我用浏览器对它进行了测试,这很好,但是当我的客户测试它时,他们有400个错误的请求错误。(他们用soapui测试)。 我可以测试我向客户公开的Web服务的工具是什么? 如何验证我的服务器 apache 对http调用响应非常好?


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  • donglu2761 2011-06-08 10:10

    You are in an integration scenario: you've published an interface and some code over which you have no control is trying to use it.

    Web Services, even simple ones, let along the full panoply of WS-* capabilities are notorious for subtle interoperability problems. These especially come from small version skew issues.

    I see two fundamental philosophies here, I'm rather over-stating, to make the point:

    1. You say: I publish this interface, with this WSDL, this version of the WS specs, I test it with this message and it works. You clients are responsible for creating a conformant request. I've given you a sample, it's up to to fit me. Your responsibilities are limited to producing clear working sample messages.
    2. You take responsibility for conducting interoperability testing for some set of client technologies. You clearly can't test everything, but if you some key "customers" you get or build sample applications and make sure they work. You probably end up documenting "use these options when generating client code".

    Either way I'd suggest you need to write test clients of your own, and as a Java developer I use JUnit for that. This get's me to step 1 above.

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