2014-08-11 05:31
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I'm a bit new to php so I've never dealt with test servers before, but with the release of Google's Polymer project I now need a test server in order to go through their tutorial, so here it goes!

I use Intellij for all of my web coding and am having trouble trying to get a test server up and running. I'm on OSX and have downloaded things such as MAMP but can't seem to get the test server actually.. running with Intellij. Or know how to view my website on the test server with Intellij. I've looked up so many guides but just can't seem to figure it out.

Any help? Even a link to something useful? Please!

Thank you for any help!

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我对php有点新意,所以我以前从未处理过测试服务器,但随后发布 谷歌的聚合物项目我现在需要一个测试服务器来完成他们的教程,所以就这样了!

我使用Intellij进行所有的网络编码并且我在尝试获取 测试服务器启动并运行。 我在OSX上并且已经下载了诸如MAMP之类的东西,但实际上似乎无法获得测试服务器..与Intellij一起运行。 或者知道如何使用Intellij在测试服务器上查看我的网站。 我查了很多指南,但似乎无法弄明白。

有什么帮助吗? 甚至是有用的东西的链接? 拜托!


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  • douxuanpa8298 2014-08-11 05:51

    You can start up a simple HTTP server for debugging purposes from any directory, if you have Python installed. Run:

    $ python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000

    Now you can access the directory as a web site directory using:


    You'll need better alternatives as you explore more advanced stuff, but this works just fine as a starting point.

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