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Symfony 3.4服务 - Doctrine \ ORM \ EntityManager的实例,给定布尔值

I currently have an error with a service since I updated to Symfony 3.4 from 3.0.

I have a SwitchUserListener which receives a couple of objects in its construct but it fails to receive the EntityManager even though i have it Type-Hinted. I also added a public key to my services

I get a FatalThrowableError because the class gets instantiated with a boolean instead of an EntityManager Object.

Error Message

Type error: Argument 10 passed to Dbm\UserBundle\Security\SwitchUserListener::__construct() must be an instance of Doctrine\ORM\EntityManager, boolean given, called in C:\wamp64\www\Portail\var\cache\dev\ContainerWyiblvw\getSecurity_Authentication_SwitchuserListener_MainService.php on line 8

FatalThrowableError Line

SwitchUserListener->__construct(object(TokenStorage), object(EmailUserProvider), object(UserChecker), 'main', object(TraceableAccessDecisionManager), object(Logger), '_switch_user', 'ROLE_ALLOWED_TO_SWITCH', object(TraceableEventDispatcher), false, object(AuthorizationChecker)) in var\cache\dev\ContainerWyiblvw\getSecurity_Authentication_SwitchuserListener_MainService.php

Here is what I have right now.


        public: true
        autowire: true
        autoconfigure: true

        class: Dbm\UserBundle\Security\SwitchUserListener
            - '@security.token_storage'
            - ~
            - '@security.user_checker'
            - ~
            - '@security.access.decision_manager'
            - '@logger'
            - ''
            - ''
            - '@event_dispatcher'
            - '@doctrine.orm.entity_manager'
            - '@security.authorization_checker'
            - { name: monolog.logger, channel: security }


namespace Dbm\UserBundle\Security;
use Doctrine\ORM\EntityManager;

class SwitchUserListener implements ListenerInterface
    private $tokenStorage;
    private $provider;
    private $userChecker;
    private $providerKey;
    private $accessDecisionManager;
    private $usernameParameter;
    private $role;
    private $logger;
    private $dispatcher;
    private $em;
    private $authCheck;

    public function __construct(TokenStorageInterface $tokenStorage,
                                UserProviderInterface $provider,
                                UserCheckerInterface $userChecker,
                                AccessDecisionManagerInterface $accessDecisionManager,
                                LoggerInterface $logger = null,
                                $usernameParameter = '_switch_user',
                                $role = 'ROLE_ALLOWED_TO_SWITCH',
                                EventDispatcherInterface $dispatcher = null,
                                EntityManager $em,
                                AuthorizationChecker $authCheck)
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