2012-05-03 09:01
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Sometimes when i am trying to connect to my server through filezilla i am getting this error at the same time my site and phpmyadmin is also down and getting errors like this mysql error: MySQL server has gone away or some times too many connections. It was working fine for last two days. 2 days before i altered tables in my database added some code in my .inc files (ie, php code) after that only i am having this problem. But some times i can connect to server and both my site and phpadmin is also loaded. I would like to know whether bad php codes can cause this(Error:Connection timed out) type of errors in FTP? Please help me..


Problem was with the server and they have corrected it. Thanks a lot to all of you who responded to my question

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有时当我尝试通过filezilla连接到我的服务器时,我在同一时间收到此错误 phpmyadmin也失败并且收到类似 mysql错误的错误:MySQL服务器已经消失或有时太多连接。 过去两天工作正常。 我在我的数据库中更改表的前2天在我的.inc文件中添加了一些代码(即php代码),之后我才遇到这个问题。 但有时我可以连接到服务器,我的网站和phpadmin也加载。 我想知道错误的php代码是否会导致FTP(错误:连接超时)类型的错误? 请帮助我。 。


问题在于服务器和他们 纠正了它。 非常感谢所有回答我的问题的人

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  • douzi115522
    douzi115522 2012-05-03 13:51

    Seems like your code is establishing too many MySQL connections, can you add the code to your question to confirm? (Do you have a DB connection in a loop by any chance?)

    Regarding post-rollback errors, as you have not stated what you have tried, here is a slew of possible solutions.

    The basic problem is most likely that you do not have the socket set correctly, check where the .sock is and what is currently set to in your settings.

    Aside: You could go for a clean install of LAMP / XAMPP / whatever, may end up being quicker if possible assuming you can't fix the issue itself.

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