2018-12-12 07:05
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实施Magento ver。中的问题 2.2.2子域名

i need some help regarding magneto v2.2.2.. want to implement whole magneto in new folder ABCDFOLDER in public_html/

  • i just copied all my website files and folder in to new folder called ABCDFOLDER
  • i have already created a subdomain and point to this ABCDFOLDER
  • and already created new database and imported previous database into it..!!
  • already edit core_data table secure and unsecure with subdomain link
  • ABCDFOLDER/app/etc/env.php edited with new database info which i was created..

Issue is when ever open subdomain url in browser they redirect me to main site ... can't find any solution on other site please help me in this :|

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我需要一些关于magneto v2.2.2的帮助.. 要在public_html /中的新文件夹ABCDFOLDER中实现整个磁电机

  • 我刚刚将我的所有网站文件和文件夹复制到名为ABCDFOLDER的新文件夹中
  • 我已经创建了一个子域并指向此 ABCDFOLDER
  • 并且已经创建了新的数据库并导入了以前的数据库到 it .. !!
  • 已经编辑了core_data表安全且不安全的子域名链接 \ n
  • ABCDFOLDER / app / etc / env.php使用我创建的新数据库信息编辑..

    问题是在浏览器中打开子域名时的问题 他们将我重定向到主站点...在其他站点上找不到任何解决方案请帮助我:|

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  • dongyi9023 2018-12-12 09:34

    Did you remove the cache folders already?

    sudo rm -rf var/cache var/generation var/page_cache

    See also

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