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如何从某个地方访问我的DI Container配置文件?

This is just for educational purpose. I am trying to reach my container settings file.

have a container class that gets requested class' constructor parameters(for the moment).

$container->register($className) function pushes data into an array.

Here is my container settings(conf.php) file:


$container = new App\Central\Layer\Items;


Purpose: I want to integrate this configuration file to somewhere i can reach easily from every class.

I don't want to call again and again everytime i try to reach container. I tried something like this.


BUT the result is an **empty** array.(when i'm trying to call from somewhere on another class)

It only works with:

class SomeClass
    public function __construct()



    //other methods...

I want to know how can i reach my settings file without doing this. I think that i am doing this in a very wrong way i guess. Any implementation ideas?

Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks anyway.

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    douling8772 douling8772 2018-08-31 15:21

    Well, DI stands for dependency injection, so one way would be to inject your container into your classes that depend on it.

    class SomeClass
        public function __construct($container)

    Another common method is to make your container global or using a helper function:

    function container()
        global $container;
        return $container;

    Then you can access your container with the helper function container() anywhere in your application. Since container will only have one instance and should be accessible app-wide, this is one of the few times I find globals acceptable.

    In either case, your config file should be included, and your container should be defined, prior to instantiating any service class in the application.

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