2017-02-24 18:15
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如何以编程方式更新与Google Analytics中的客户端ID相关联的自定义字段?

I want to programmatically update a custom field associated with a Google Analytics Client ID. The custom field I want to associate with each Client Id, will be called "Leads" and it's value can either be "Sold" or it can be empty.

I want to know how to update custom data by Client ID; either via PHP or JavaScript. Is this possible with analytics.js or possibly a REST api of some sort?

Thank you.

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我想以编程方式更新与Google Analytics 客户端ID 。 我想与每个客户端ID关联的自定义字段将被称为“潜在客户”,它的值可以是“已售出”,也可以为空。

我想知道如何通过客户端ID更新自定义数据; 通过PHP或JavaScript。 是否可以使用 analytics.js 或可能的某种REST api ?


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