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Laravel 5.4:高级数据透视表查询问题

I have two models: Order and Department, joined by a many-to-many relationship. The pivot table on this relationship contains a "status" field. So a particular order may look something like:

  • Manufacturing: completed
  • Packaging: (not needed / not attached)
  • Shipping: in progress

In the UI for my app I have a tab for each department and checkboxes for statuses. So the API needs to be able to take a request with one department and multiple possible statuses and return all orders which match one of the selected statuses for the given department.

Example query: /api/orders?dep=manufacturing&statuses=notStarted,inProgress

This needs to return all orders which are either "not started" or "in progress" for the manufacturing department (regardless of status in any other department)

Here is the query I wrote:

$query = Order::with("departments");
$department = Request::get('department');
$statuses = explode(",", Request::get('statuses', ""));

if (!empty($department))
    $query->whereHas('departments', function ($q) use ($department)
        $q->where('name', $department);
    if (count($statuses) > 0)
        $query->where(function ($q) use ($department, $statuses)
            foreach ($statuses as $status)
                $q->orWhereHas('departments', function ($q) use ($department, $status)
                    $q->where('name', $department)->wherePivot('status', $status);

return $query->paginate(15);

This is throwing the error:

SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'pivot' in 'where clause'

My relationship is defined as follows:

public function departments()
    return $this->belongsToMany('App\Models\Department', 'order_statuses')->using('App\Models\OrderStatus')->withPivot('status')->withTimestamps();
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