2015-03-19 08:26
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ffmpeg php使系统无响应

I am trying to create a video on my web application using images as input by the user. I am using ffmpeg currently to encode the output. However, my system becomes unresponsive each time I execute the command.

I am using exec command of php and following is my ffmpeg command.

ffmpeg -i bg2.png -i overlay1.png -filter_complex "[1:v]scale=0:0[fg]; [0:v][fg]overlay=y=-'t*w*0.1':shortest=1[v]"  -map "[v]" -t 10 out.mkv

I'd appreciate if you could also share some good resources to learn more about ffmpeg on web and other alternatives.

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我正在尝试使用图像作为用户输入在我的Web应用程序上创建视频。 我正在使用ffmpeg来编码输出。 但是,每次执行命令时,我的系统都没有响应。


 <  code> ffmpeg -i bg2.png -i overlay1.png -filter_complex“[1:v] scale = 0:0 [fg]; [0:v] [fg] overlay = y =  - 't * w * 0.1'  :shortest = 1 [v]“-map”[v]“-t 10 out.mkv 

如果您还可以分享一些好的资源,我将不胜感激 了解有关网络和其他替代品的ffmpeg的更多信息。

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  • douwan7382 2015-03-19 23:54

    Multimedia manipulation is an expensive process. Sounds to me like you need a beefier server. If that isn't possible, experiment with nice values.

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