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将Laravel DB :: raw()查询与join连接到Eloquent

I have a Model 'Picture' (database table 'uploaded_pictures') that has many 'Like'(s)

private function likeWrapper() {
    return $this->hasMany( 'Like', 'typeId');

public function likes() {
    return $this->likeWrapper()->where( 'type', '=', Config::get( 'enums.content_types.PICTURE' ) )->get();

Now I want to create a page, paginated, that returns all Pictures ordered by the count of likes. I made this work using the Collection sortBy method:

$pictures = Picture::get()->sortByDesc( function($picture) {
        return $picture->likes()->count();

But this result can't be paginated. I have a raw query that does the job, but I struggle translate it to Eloquent query builder:

        $query = "SELECT p.*,  COUNT(l.id) AS countLikes
            FROM uploaded_pictures AS p
            LEFT OUTER JOIN
                (SELECT id, typeId, type FROM likes WHERE type='picture') AS l
            ON p.id = l.typeId
            WHERE  date<='$referenceDate'
            GROUP BY p.id, l.typeId
            ORDER BY countLikes DESC";

    $pictures = DB::select(DB::raw($query));

What is the equivalent of this query in Eloquent? I'm using Laravel 4.2.11.

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我有一个模型'图片'(数据库表'uploaded_pictures')有许多'喜欢'(s)< / p>

返回$ this-&gt; hasMany('Like','typeId'); 
返回$ this-&gt; likeWrapper() - &gt; where('type','=',Config :: get('enums.content_types.PICTURE')) - &gt; get(); 

现在我想创建一个页面,分页,返回按喜欢计数排序的所有图片。 我使用Collection sortBy方法完成了这项工作:

  $ pictures = Picture :: get() - &gt; sortByDesc(function($ picture){
 return $ picture-  &gt; likes() - &gt; count(); 

但是此结果无法分页。 我有一个原始查询来完成这项工作,但我很难将其转换为Eloquent查询构建器:

  $ query =“SELECT p。*,COUNT(l.id)AS  countLikes 
 FROM uploaded_pictures AS p 
(SELECT id,typeId,type FROM likes WHERE type ='picture')AS l 
 ON p.id = l.typeId 
 WHERE date&lt; ='$  referenceDate'
 GROUP BY p.id,l.typeId 
 ORDER BY countLikes DESC“; 
 $ pictures = DB :: select(DB :: raw($ query)); 
  <  / pre> 

Eloquent中此查询的等效内容是什么? 我正在使用Laravel 4.2.11。

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  • drqwbh2150 2015-02-26 01:28

    I hope it will work :

            $pictures = Picture::leftjoin('likes', 'pictures.id', '=', 'likes.typeId')
                        ->select(DB::raw('pictures.*, COUNT(likes.id) as countLikes'))
                        ->where('likes.type', '=', 'Picture')
                        ->orderBy('countLikes', 'DESC')
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