2014-02-14 15:35
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Java applet'涵盖'facebook对话框

When deploying an applet, (almost?) every facebook popup dialog is covered by the applet. The webpage is written in PHP, and the applet is deployed with applet tag. Results are the same with JNLP starter.

The error is present in the following browsers:

  • Chrome - version 32.0.1700.107
  • Opera - version 16.0.1196.62
  • Opera - version 19.0.1326.59
  • Internet Explorer - version 8.0.7600.16385 It only seems to work well with Firefox (tested with version 27.0)


enter image description here

On the screenshot the applet covers a chat window and the messages window. Is there any way to send the applet to the "background", so other panels become fully visible?

Thanks in advance

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在部署applet时,(差不多?)每个facebook弹出对话框都由applet覆盖。 网页是用PHP编写的,applet是用applet标签部署的。 结果与JNLP启动器相同。


  • Chrome - 版本32.0.1700.107
  • Opera - 版本16.0.1196.62
  • Opera - 版本19.0.1326.59
  • Internet Explorer - 版本8.0.7600.16385 似乎 与Firefox一起使用(使用版本27.0测试)


    在屏幕截图中,applet包含聊天窗口和消息窗口。 有没有办法将applet发送到“背景”,以便其他面板完全可见?


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