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I need one help.I need to check two type of string value using PHP. I am explaining one example below.

suppose one variable

$sup_id='4' //(datatype-varchar)

$sup_id='4,5,6' //(datatype-varchar)

in above example i have different value in same variable name.Here how can i check that the same variable has one value or different with comma(,) separated.Please help me.

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    dpxpz37157 dpxpz37157 2016-02-19 10:35

    Can be easily done by strpos

    if (strpos($sup_id, ',') !== false) {
      echo "There's a comma in the string...!!!";
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  • douyujun0152 douyujun0152 2016-02-19 10:20

    You could do the following:

    $str = '4,5,6';
    $exploded = explode(',', $str);
    if (sizeof($exploded) > 1) {
      echo 'It is split.';
    else {
      echo 'Its not.';

    What you're doing is, you are splitting the string into an array based on the , delimiter. So if a , exists, the array will have more than 1 value.

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