2019-07-03 12:06
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I want to check if a given 2-character value (my input: $string), exists inside any of my two separate lists, of possible matching values:

One list is dynamic (it will be read from my DB), and the values in it are separated by commas, with space after each comma:

It can be for example:

$dynamic_list="AA, AB, BA"
$dynamic_list="" (Empty)

The second list is a static list that I will maintain myself, and should be within the script itself.

I’m not sure how to build it. Maybe just define a variable like:


If the string matches any of the strings in any of those lists, I just want to output that string, otherwise output "no match".

What is the best and fast way to do this?

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我想检查一个给定的2个字符的值(我的输入: $ string ),存在于我的两个单独列表中的任何一个可能的匹配值:

一个列表是动态的(它将从我的数据库中读取),其中的值用逗号分隔 ,每个逗号后面有空格:


  $ dynamic_list =“AA,AB,BA”
  $ dynamic_list =“BC”
 $ dynamic_list =“”(空)

第二个列表是我自己维护的静态列表,应该在 脚本本身。

我不确定如何构建它。 也许只需定义一个变量,如:

  $ static_list =“MC,JL,EO”; 

如果 字符串匹配任何这些列表中的任何字符串,我只想输出该字符串,否则输出“不匹配”。


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  • douguanyan9928 2019-07-03 12:21

    Concatenate the two strings with the same delimiter that the strings use, and check as normal.

    Performing aditional string or array manipulations are needless overhead.

    Code: (Demo)

    $dynamic_list = "AA, AB, BA";
    $static_list = "MC,JL,EO";
    $search = "JL";
    if (strpos($dynamic_list . ',' . $static_list, $search) !== false) {
        echo 'found';
    } else {
        echo 'not found';

    But, really, you should check the static string first. Then only bother making a trip to the database IF you don't have a match in the static string.

    As for querying, you might count the number of rows where the search string is found by LOCATE() -- since you don't need the data, just confirmation of a match.

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