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I am trying to simulate a button click in Python on a website, when that button is clicked it adds some stuff to the end of the URL and returns false. If I add the stuff to the end of the URL it takes me to the right place but doesn't register that the button was click which is why I think I need to use the return false part.

Here is the exact code for the button and the button area. I don't know if this is actually doing anything or just setting up the button and waiting for the javascript to actually do the execution.

<div class="contractLink"><button  type="button" value="upgrade to level 3"id="button533e24e4d7c79" class="green build" onclick="window.location.href = 'dorf1.php?a=16&amp;c=fb5ad7'; return false;">
    <div class="button-container addHoverClick">
        <div class="button-background">
            <div class="buttonStart">
                <div class="buttonEnd">
                    <div class="buttonMiddle"></div>
        <div class="button-content">upgrade to level 3</div>

This is where the script is that gets run when the button is clicked. I basically want to simulate the button being clicked through a python script which should go to a different URL and say "it's upgraded" (not literally say "it's upgraded" but make the website think it is and start the upgrading process)

<script type="text/javascript">
    window.addEvent('domready', function()
        $('button533e24e4d7c79').addEvent('click', function ()
            window.fireEvent('buttonClicked', [this, {"type":"button","value":"upgrade to level 3","name":"","id":"button533e24e4d7c79","class":"green build","title":"","confirm":"","onclick":"window.location.href = \u0027dorf1.php?a=16\u0026amp;c=fb5ad7\u0027; return false;"}]);

Any help would be great, thanks for your time.

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  • duan89197 2014-04-04 05:24

    This is an alternative to using Python; this might be useful to those wishing to have a button click simulation without having normal subsequent action take place at the testers discretion.

    Assuming that the id of the button to be simulated is "button533e24e4d7c79", the jQuery library has the trigger method to trigger the click (or any supported event for that matter) of this button:

    $("#button533e24e4d7c79").trigger("click"); // This will mimic the clicking of the button (programmatically) -- requires Jquery

    My understanding is that the trigger method will invoke the "click" event and stop at the event handler (i.e., won't follow links, won't continue with form submission, etc.). I haven't fully tested, but that's my understanding.

    If it's desired to fully simulate the button click, jquery.simulate.js library ( provides the simulate method to allow following of links, etc.

    The jQuery learning page at provides the proper explanation.

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