2018-04-16 04:01
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If you dont have the php_soap.dll extension enabled in the php.ini file, trying to create an instance of SoapClient will cause PHP to break.

If i surround the instatiation with a try-catch block like so,

       $client = new SoapClient ($wsdl, array('cache_wsdl' => WSDL_CACHE_NONE) );   
       $result = $client->{$web_service}($parameters)->{$web_service."Result"};
       return $result;
   catch(Exception $e){
        echo $e->getMessage();

it wont catch the excetion. Instead, it is like die()has been called somewhere in the internal PHP code. Does anyone know why this is the case?

note: im using PHP version 7.2.1

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如果您没有在php.ini文件中启用php_soap.dll扩展名,请尝试创建<的实例 代码> SoapClient 将导致PHP中断。


 <  code> try {
 $ client = new SoapClient($ wsdl,array('cache_wsdl'=&gt; WSDL_CACHE_NONE));  
 $ result = $ client-&gt; {$ web_service}($ parameters) - &gt; {$ web_service。“Result”}; 
返回$ result; 
 catch(Exception $ e){
  echo $ e-&gt; getMessage(); 

它不会捕获除外。 相反,它就像在内部PHP代码中的某处调用了 die()。 有谁知道为什么会这样?


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  • duanji6997 2018-04-16 06:25

    As Arvind already pointed out, Errors and Exceptions are two different things in PHP. try/catch works only with Exceptions, not with errors.

    Here a little bit more explanation what you can do:

    Error handling is defined more or less globally for an application. The built-in error handling checks the severity of the error and depending on this, logs the error and halts the execution.

    You can override this behavior by setting a custom error handler using set_error_handler() (

    Quite a common way is to define an custom error handler which raises an Exception. Then you're able to handle errors and exceptions with try/catch in your code. An example error handler which does exactly this is written here:

    Copied from there the most interessting part:

    function exception_error_handler($severity, $message, $file, $line) {
        if (!(error_reporting() & $severity)) {
            // This error code is not included in error_reporting
        throw new ErrorException($message, 0, $severity, $file, $line);

    If you place this code somewhere near to the start of your application, instead of raising errors ErrorExceptions will be thrown. This should work with the SoapClient errors.

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