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PHP / Mysql:搜索序列化数据的字符串[重复]

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I have started work on a project that someone else created, this is what he has done:
In a mySql table he has a TEXT field called "allData", in that field he has serialized records that look like this


(There's a lot more data but I cut it down by around 95% so it would not mess up this page)

Any idea how I can search the above data for senderEmail or HASH?

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  • douzhong1730 2015-09-25 21:13
    SELECT * FROM table WHERE allData LIKE '%""%' AND allData LIKE '%"ebdeb85d094cefd102b630fa9e69d9ca"%' LIMIT 1;;

    This example should allow you to search for a specific HASH and senderEmail in the table and return that entry if a match of both fields exist in the serialized data. This would be useful to put into a view so that it can be retrieved quickly and easily, and you of course can see where you would want to change the email and hash in the query. In this example it will return that exact entry.

    More information:

    MySQL Like Function

    Search inside serialize data with MYSQL

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